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Updated 04/26/99

Minimal Surfaces, Geometric Analysis, and Symplectic Geometry

Organizing Committee:

Kenji Fukaya (Kyoto University)
Seiki Nishikawa (Tohoku University)
William Minicozzi (Johns Hopkins University)
Jack Morava (Johns Hopkins University)
Joel Spruck (Johns Hopkins University)

The program will focus on minimal surfaces, geometric analysis and symplectic geometry in the academic year 1998-99 and will consist of weekly seminars focusing on existing recent developments on these areas, culminating in a week long workshop and conference to be held March 15-21, 1999.

The study of J-holomorphic curves in symplectic geometry, initiated by Gromov in 1985, has many analogies to the theory of minimal surfaces.  This program aims to facilitate interaction between the mathematicians working on these related topics.

Expected Visitors from Japan

Kazuo Akutagawa, Shizuoka University
Kenji Fukaya, Kyoto University
Mikio Furuta, Kyoto University
H. Izeki, Tohoku University
Yutaka Kanda, Hokkaido University
Shin Nayatani, Nagoya University
Seiki Nishikawa, Tohoku University
Hiroshi Ohta, Nagoya University
Kaoru Ono, Hokkaido University
Tatsuru Takakura, Chuo University
Keisuke Ueno, Yamagata University
Kotaro Yamada, Kumamoto University


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