• faculty

  • kitchloo_JHU7218

    Nitu Kitchloo

    Chair and Professor
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    410-516-4321 Krieger 408A

    Research Interests: Symplectic geometry, topology of Kac-Moody groups, classical algebraic topology

  • bernstein

    Jacob Bernstein

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    410-516-6089 Krieger 408

    Research Interests: Geometric analysis

  • Brown-portrait

    Richard Brown

    Director of Undergraduate Studies
    Associate Teaching Professor
    PhD, University of Maryland

    410-516-8179 Krieger 403

    Research Interests: Dynamical systems, low dimensional topology

  • Consani-portrait

    Caterina Consani

    PhD, University of Chicago

    410-516-5116 Krieger 410B

    Research Interests: Arithmetic geometry, number theory, non-commutative geometry

  • DiMatteo-headshot

    Giovanni Di Matteo

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, École Normale Supérieure Lyon

    410-516-5132 Krieger 222

    Research Interests: Number theory, p-adic Galois representations, p-adic Hodge theory, B-pairs, trianguline representations

  • Ben Dodson

    Benjamin Dodson

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of North Carolina

    410-516-7472 Krieger 214

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis

  • a-Eyink-Greg

    Gregory Eyink

    Department of Applied Mathematics & Statistics
    PhD, Ohio State University

  • Gell Redman

    Jesse Gell-Redman

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, Stanford University

    410-516-7725 Krieger 220

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, differential geometry, geometric microlocal analysis

  • Kong

    Jian Kong

    Senior Lecturer
    Departmental IT support
    PhD, University of Utah

    410-516-5115 Krieger 407

    Research Interests: Algebraic geometry

  • Lindblad-portrait

    Hans Lindblad

    PhD, Lund Institute of Technology

    410-516-7686 Krieger 406

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, fluid dynamics and relativity

  • Garcia

    Jesus Martinez-Garcia

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of Edinburgh

    410-516-5128 Krieger 219

    Research Interests: Algebraic geometry, birational geometry, complex geometry, moduli spaces, Fano varieties

  • mona merling

    Mona Merling

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of Chicago


    Research Interests: Agebraic K-theory and equivariant stable homotopy theory

  • mese2

    Chikako Mese

    PhD, Stanford University

    410-516-4518 Krieger 314

    Research Interests: Differential geometry, geometric analysis

  • Morava

    Jack Morava

    PhD, Rice University

    410-516-7409 Krieger 218

    Research Interests: Algebraic topology, global analysis

  • Okikiolu

    Kate Okikiolu

    PhD, University of California Los Angeles

    410-516-7398 Krieger 303

    Research Interests: Harmonic analysis, spectral theory and geometry

  • Vamsi Photo

    Vamsi Pingali

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, Stony Brook University

    410-516-6014 Krieger 412

    Research Interests: Differential geometry, partial differential equations, several complex variables

  • Emily Riehl

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of Chicago Krieger 312

    Research Interests: Homotopy theory

  • David Savitt

    PhD, Harvard University

    410-516-7688 Krieger 212

    Research Interests: Number Theory

  • Shiffman

    Bernard Shiffman

    PhD, University of California, Berkeley On leave 2014-2015

    Research Interests: several complex variables, complex geometry

  • Shokoruv

    Vyacheslav Shokurov

    PhD, Moscow State University

    410-516-7410 Krieger 410A

    Research Interests: Algebraic geometry

  • Yannick Sire

    PhD, Institut National des Sciences Appliquees de Toulouse (France)

    410-516-5848 Krieger 208

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, real and complex geometry

  • Smithling-headshot

    Brian Smithling

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, University of Chicago

    410-516-4047 Krieger 301

    Research Interests: Arithmetic and algebraic geometry

  • sogge

    Christopher Sogge

    J.J. Sylvester Professor
    PhD, Princeton University

    443-996-7290 Krieger 414

    Research Interests: Fourier analysis, partial differential equations

  • Spruck-headshot

    Joel Spruck

    J.J. Sylvester Professor
    PhD, Stanford University

    410-516-5118 Krieger 408B

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, geometric analysis

  • yiwang

    Yi Wang

    Assistant Professor
    PhD, Princeton University

    410-516-4568 Krieger

    Research Interests: Geometric analysis, nonlinear partial differential equations

  • Wilson-portrait

    W. Stephen Wilson

    PhD, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    410-516-7413 Krieger 421

    Research Interests: Algebraic topology, homotopy theory

  • Shengpei Yan

    Graduate Student Krieger 211

  • yyzhang

    Yingying Zhang

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, Lehigh University

    410-516-7729 Krieger 419

    Research Interests: Differential geometry

  • Zhu-portrait

    Jiuyi Zhu

    J.J. Sylvester Assistant Professor
    PhD, Wayne State University

    410-516-0156 Krieger 313

    Research Interests: Partial differential equations, harmonic analysis, geometric analysis

  • Zucker

    Steven Zucker

    PhD, Princeton University

    410-516-7403 Krieger 210

    Research Interests: Hodge theory, algebraic geometry, global analysis, compactifications

  • staff

  • Bannon

    Christina Bannon

    Budget Specialist

    410-516-4977 Krieger 404

  • Hunt

    Morris Hunt

    Department Administrator

    410-516-8232 Krieger 400

  • Poole

    Charlene Poole

    Administrative Coordinator

    410-516-7399/410-516-7397 Krieger 404

  • Raymond

    Sabrina Raymond

    Sr. Academic Program Coordinator

    410-516-4178, Krieger 405

  • Mike Smith

    Michael Smith

    AJM Editorial Coordinator

    410-516-7411 Krieger 405

  • professors emeriti

  • Boardman

    J. Michael Boardman

    Professor Emeritus


    Research Interests: Differential and algebraic topology

  • Ono

    Takashi Ono

    Professor Emeritus


    Research Interests: Algebra, number theory, algebraic groups